Wood Painting Training

What would you need to know

Due to the increasing growth in the production of wood artifacts, the wood painting profession is one of the jobs that employers have always been thinking about teaching woodworking. This wood painting course was held thanks to the presence of our experts who are all trained in the best color lines in Europe.

This specialized course will include training in wood trimmer, furniture painting, wood door painting, stainless steel sofa painting and general woodworking painting and familiarizing with various types of paints and spray systems.

Trainee Acceptance Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum Physical Conditions: The trainees lack physical and mental disabilities and no respiratory diseases.
  • Minimum qualification: The minimum qualification for participation in the course is the third guidance.
  • Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge: Registration and participation in this course does not require any special skills and prerequisites.
  • Course duration: The duration of the training is 2 days, which is done in theory and practical training.
Educational titles
  • • Mosaic paint training
  • • Raw Wood Painting Training
  • • Furniture Painting Training
  • • Training of all kinds of pheasants
  • • Learn how to use the colour room and the waterfall
Course content
  • During this course, the trainee will learn related tools and equipment and terminology. Such as compressor and pistol bowl and bottom bowl and spray gun pistol, paint cascade, sump, all kinds of paint, oil, varnish, polyester, primer and sealer. By recognizing the different colours, he will be able to add to the polishing, sanding and cushioning of wooden artifacts. It will then paint the artifacts in a cover and non-coating manner. Recognize colours. Ability to discolour the wood surface. Raising the surface of the wood by water and alcohol. Tone lining work. Lacquer and alcohol. Highlighting tonality of surfaces. Ability to paint with a variety of coating colours. The ability to choose wood and wood plates to paint is the content of the course.
Career prospects
  • The skill learned can act as a semi-skilled workman independently in setting up a small business unit. And engage with other wood artifact manufacturers in marketing and accepting paint orders.
Granted Certificate
  • Trainees will be awarded if they are successful in completing the wood finishing skills certification course.
Employment prospects
  • Graduates of this course can become semi-skilled paint job recruiters. Wood painting workshops, as well as workshops for the manufacture of wood artifacts and furniture, were the major recruiters.
Path to upgrade and complete skills
  • Skilled learners can gain a higher level of skill as a working colorist or with one year of active work in the labor market.