Carpentry Training

What would you need to know

Due to the considerable demands of applicants for carpentry training, we decided to provide a specialized training course with our trained technicians in the shortest time.

In this course you will be specialised in working with a variety of woodworking machines such as Circular Saw, Surface Planner, Moulder, Thicknesser Planner, Sanders and all kinds of hand tools.

Trainee Acceptance Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum Physical Conditions: A person with good physical ability who is free from respiratory and allergic diseases.
  • Minimum qualification: The trainee must have high school diploma.
  • Prerequisite skills and knowledge: This course is not a prerequisite, but an interest in woodworking can help the trainee to better the course.
  • Course Duration: The length of the training is planned in two days, which is theoretically and practically done.
Trained Machines
  • The trained machines in this course include Circular Saw, Surface Planner, Moulder, Thicknesser Planner, Sanders.
Career prospects
  • As a trainee, he/she can start a small self-employed workplace as a master. Also, produce various wooden items such as wardrobe, door, desk, showcase.
Granted Certificate
  • Trainees who could pass the practical exam will be granted a Certificate of Proficiency in Technical Skills.
Safety tips
  • During the use of tools and equipment, the probability of an accident for the fingers is very high. Therefore, safety and security considerations are essential. The use of masks and handsets for occupational health should also be taken seriously.
Course content
  • In this course, the trainee is introduced to wood and pressed boards and is trained in all types of coatings, adhesives and fittings. He will also know the types of wood and MDF. The operator has been trained in Circular Saw, Surface Planner, Moulder, Thicknesser Planner, Sanders. He will learn how to make variety of woodworking and maintenance services of related woodworking tools & machines.
Employment prospects of the course
  • The trainee can work as a semi-skilled carpenter in the woodworking manufacturing, cabinetries and decoration producers.