• 6th speed for the sanding operations (1500 r.p.m.).
  • Tilting spindle with range +45º-45º (for TX versions except TX160 CF whose tilting range is +45º/-5º) with electronic display of the angle set and independent motor driven motion.
  • The control panels equipped with membrane pushbuttons. The rise and fall of the spindle is motorized (standard) and is mechanically read.

Working Table

The sectioned working table without the front encumbrance can be adjusted without using any tools by means of a patented hold that unlocks, locks and positions in the same time the sliding table even with the assembled tool, allowing then to get the max support for the workpiece.

Spindle Moulder Fence

The patented spindle moulder fence is equipped with 2 levers locking and unlocking it quickly by a 90° rotation, while the removing and quick positioning of the table fence takes place with motorized rotation and lifting. The positions are checked by special sensors.