Automatic Spraying Machine


  • Maximum working width: 1300 mm.
  • “Wet on wet” conveying belt cleaning system without abrasive action (patent pending;). The system isremovable for maintenance purposes.
  • Quick change system for spraying unit “Dualfast” (optional)


  • Rapid repositioning of the conveyor belt system
  • Reciprocating guns movement controlled by brushless motor.
  • Continuous reading of the product dimension and electronic control for the automatic spraying.
  • Total recovery of the lacquer deposited on the belt without using any solvent. The possibility to re-use the samelacquer in the spraying circuit depending on the type of lacquer in use.

Spraying Guns

  • Spray circuit designed for 4 guns, with the possibility to spray with different colours. The machine can beequipped with max. 8 guns (4+4).
  • Distance between the centres of the guns supporting plates; 1600 mm.
  • Low level of ordinary maintenance.
  • Self-guided non-sticky and non-static special synthetic conveying belt of 1800 mm of width.

Stainless steel lacquer overspray dust tower

  • Double water nozzles (version Wet), “Scrubber System” andexhausting centrifugal fan (12000 mc/h) or dry filtration system (version Dry)
  • Air supplying and filtering unit (air heating unit on request).
  • Automatic sludge collecting system.
  • Removable water curtains and ducts for maintenance purposes.