Service, a promised obligation, to keep your machines and assets under working condition


Our clients deserve exceptional service when they select excellent quality. We are pleased to offer advanced services, which are started even before purchasing, by excellent technical advice to help clients select the best possible machines as per their requirements.

Our sales team has acquired a decade of experience in woodworking machinery and can guarantee our machinery’s utmost efficiency and reliability.

Our Commercial Unit strives to provide ordered machinery and requested spare parts in the shortest possible time thanks to our strategic management and planning. High-quality service has always been the focus and agenda of this unit. The exact inventory management has always been accompanied by the appropriate coding and categorization of machines and spare parts, forecasting parts demand, which has resulted in offering the most reliable after-sales services to clients.

Engineering & Technical

Our Senior Engineers and Skilled Technicians have enough experiment & proficiency and have been fully trained and are updated continuously by our suppliers to meet the specified EC & ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 standards, which guarantees our machinery will be maintained in full working condition for a long time.

Our Engineering & Technical Unit is responsible for “After Sales Services” by registering customer’s requests, scheduling, necessities of installing customer’s machinery, coordinating the delivery of spare parts, and dispatching our technicians to the customer’s factory.

We have also gotten a step further and employed architects in this unit to make our client’s dreams come true. According to the client’s demands and new trends in the construction industry, our architectural team designs interior and exterior objects.

Our “After Sales Service”, A complete range of Services.


Our Technical Unit assures you to provide precise, safe, and integral services to install, set up all our machine according to the related EC standards.


Our Technical Unit offers a tailored precise training program of machines usage and running the process to the client.


Our Technical Unit offers a preventative periodical maintenance service to monitor the condition of parts which overall guarantee the maximum performance of the machine for a long time.

Remote diagnostic

Our Technical unit will be at your reach for any remote diagnostic for any issues you may encounter. Your problems will be fixed faster and at a lower cost.

With the Internet connection, assistance can be received directly on the machine. Thanks to remote assistance, there is always an expert technician available to resolve any malfunctions quickly, avoiding time loss.

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