Beam Panel Saw Training Course

What would you need to know

Due to the massive demand for training with Beam Panel Saw, we decided to provide specialized training in working with this machine in the shortest possible time by our expert and trained specialists in Italy. The course will be specialized in Ardis Optimizer software.

Advantage of training by our specialists

  • The most advanced Beam Panel Saw devices in the world (Fimal srl)
  • Fast and high quality training thanks to the presence of trained professionals in Italy
Educational titles in general
  • Educational titles in general
  • • Tutorial on cutting edge software such as Ardis Optimizer
  • • Training and introduction of controllers and pc controllers
  • • Anthropology
Course content
  • This specialized course will include training in working with horizontal panel equipment, vertical panel types, and general and specialized cutting-edge management software. During this period, the best saw blades will be introduced with regard to the size and speed of the cutting as well as to the workpiece material and all the controller issues will be taught. The training software in this round will be software such as Ardis Optimizer and other software.
Career prospects
  • After completing theoretical and practical training related to this device, the trainee can work in various industrial units such as furniture factories, factories producing various cabinets or service units and MDF structures.