Edgebanders and Circular Saws Training

What would you need to know

Due to the high volume of demand and the need for training in PVC Edgebander and Circualr Saw machines, we decided to provide specialized training of PVC Edgebander and Circualr Saw operating in the shortest time by our experts.

In this specialized course, you will be trained to work with both machines with all technical and safety considerations.

Trainee Acceptance Terms and Conditions

  • Minimum Physical Conditions: A person with good physical ability who is free from respiratory and allergic diseases.
  • Minimum qualification: The trainee must have high school diploma.
  • Prerequisite skills and knowledge: This course is not a prerequisite, but an interest in woodworking can help the trainee to better the course.
Career prospects of the course
  • Upon completion of theoretical and practical training on these devices, the trainee can become a professional operator of Circular Saws and Edgebanders in various industrial units such as furniture factories, factories, cabinets or service units, and All kinds of mdf structures to work with.
Course content
  • This specialized course will include specialized training in working with Circular Saws and Edgebanders, Safety Tips Working With These Tools, Design training and how to cut. During this period, the best saw blades will be introduced with regard to the size and speed of the cutting as well as to the workpiece material and all the controller issues will be taught.
Safety tips
  • During the use of tools and equipment, the probability of an accident for the fingers is very high. Therefore, safety and security considerations are essential. The use of masks and handsets for occupational health should also be taken seriously.